Acoustic Wall Range

Acoustic Wall is a highly durable 100% polyester acoustic wall covering that is both decorative and highly effective in reducing reverberated noise, and assists with BB93 compliance.

Acoustic Wall has been tested to a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.4 and will typically reduce reverberated noise by approximately 40%.

This unique product is 10-12mm thick and allows designers to create attractive, quieter interiors for classrooms, school halls, meeting rooms, theatres, offices and other open spaces.

It is available in 600mm x 600mm squares, or roll.

Acoustic Wall is not only designed to absorb sound, it can also be used as a display board because it is receptive to pins, staples and velcro, and with its unique felt surface it covers any unsightly holes. It can also be cut to any shape, and can be fitted from floor to ceiling creating a feature wall.

Available in a large range of colours.

Stylish, colourful, effective and practical - let us know your acoustic wall project requirements!