Main Reception Desk Primary School, Taunton, Somerset

A reception desk that provided enough space without being intrusive was needed in a short space of time.

In some companies, reception desks can become a bit of a white elephant, but not so for this primary school in Taunton.

Reception desks are an important part of many school entrances, as they create a good first impression and ensure staff can effectively greet parents, students and teachers alike. 

They must also serve as a functional working area for the staff members assigned to them and as such need to be efficient and practical. However, in this reception area, space was at a premium, so the desk could not be too big, as it would protrude too far into the reception area. 

Springfield specified a curved, maple finish reception desk with two counter units to provide organised space in the relatively confined area. The desk also included multiple cable management holes to allow for wires to be neatly and safely concealed. 

The school was delighted with the product specification and both the speed and quality of the installation:

What our customer said…

New desk looks great and everyone is commenting on how nice it is – The Head was really surprised when she came back on Wednesday!

Client Email on Completion