Springfield Furniture 2018

Tray Lid Early Years 100 Early Years 101 A. Sand & water tray • Blue plastic tray • Lids also available • Tray dimensions: W56cm x L82cm x H19cm • Overall frame height 55cm YSWTR24 Sand &Water Tray £129.60 YSWLID42 Covering Lid £38.00 B. Extra large sand & water tray • Several children can play together in comfort • Drainage tap fitted to bottom of tray • Tray size: W67cm x L131cm x H26cm • Overall frame height 59cm YSWTR72 Giant Sand &Water Tray £209.50 YSWLID73 Covering Lid £59.90 C. Adjustable height water tray • Clear sand & water tray with handy drainage tap • Use the frame without the removeable legs for low level play • Tub size: W52cm x L73cm x H16cm • Overall frame height 58cm (with legs) YSWTR85 Clear Sand &Water Tray £129.80 YSWLID75 Covering Lid £36.50 Sand & Water Play • Encourages outdoor play • All sand & water trays have robust, blue powder coated metal frames with castors for easy moving D. Waterfall sand & water tray • Fun sand and water tray with a rock wall feature moulded into one end of the tub • Also creates waterfalls • Frame can be folded up for storage YSWTR77 Clear Water Tray & Stand £130.00 YSWTR78 RedWater Tray & Stand £130.00 YSWLID81 Red Covering Lid £37.80 • New range of mobile easels with magnetic whiteboards are a perfect teaching aid for front of class • Sturdy A frame construction guarantees safety & stability at all heights • Each easel has quick & easy height adjustments to accomodate all age groups - simply click on and off at the height required • Full length integral pen & book tray and adjustable flipchart fittings • Castors are fully locking • All easels available in choice of Red-RD or Blue-BL high gloss powder coated metal frame. Height Adjustable Mobile Classroom Easels A. Large a-frame mobile easel • 4 height adjustments from 1110mm up to 1790mm • 900 x 900mm magnetic whiteboard • Two plastic storage trays Y300400 * £254.80 *Please specify frame colour Red-RD, or Blue-BL B. Small a-frame mobile easel • A scaled down version of the large easel, to suit younger years • Height adjustable from 820 - 1190mm • Magnetic whiteboard size is 600 x 600mm • Supplied with 1 x storage tray Y300402* £227.60 *Please specify frame colour Red-RD, or Blue-BL C. Landscape style easel • Height adjustable from 785 - 1460mm in 5 increments • Single boarded easel comes c/w 3 storage trays, double boarded with 2 storage trays Y300404* Single boarded easel £248.00 Y300406* Double boarded easel £285.60 *Please specify frame colour Red-RD, or Blue-BL D. Portrait style easel • Designed for classrooms where space is at a premium. Can be quickly and safely folded flat • Height adjustable from 1190 - 1850mm in 4 increments • Supplied c/w 1 x storage tray Y300408* £224.50 *Please specify frame colour Red-RD, or Blue-BL Folds flat for storage For wooden sand & water play 121 Page Link - see page