Springfield Furniture 2018

Early Years 102 Early Years 103 Colourfull Storage Range Colourfull Storage Range E. 12 jumbo tray unit Y15248 W1358 x D453 x H1067mm £299.60 C. 18 shallow tray unit Y15124COL W1030 x D453 x H617mm £182.00 B. 12 shallow tray unit Y15244 W700 x D453 x H617mm £159.80 G. 6 bay kinderbox Y15252 W1022 x D453 x H600mm £259.60 F. 4 bay kinderbox Y15250 W690 x D453 x H600mm £179.80 I. 6 slot big book holder YBBHCOL W695 x D504 x H760mm £159.50 A. 6 shallow tray unit Y15116COL W360 x D453 x H617mm £99.75 A. Tray unit with shelves • 8 shallow or 4 deep or 2 jumbo trays Y14008COL W700 x D453 x H789mm £209.60 H. 4 bay book trolley YMEOKBCOL W600 x D600 x H270mm £84.00 D. Large bookcase • 3 adjustable shelves Y1200BCCOL W900 x D320 x H1200mm £188.90 E. Medium bookcase • 2 adjustable shelves Y800BCCOL W900 x D320 x H800mm £168.00 B. Tray unit with shelves • 12 shallow or 6 deep or 3 jumbo trays Y14007COL W1030 x D453 x H789mm £225.40 C. Storage cupboard • 2 adjustable shelves • W1030 x D477 x H833mm YMED750C 2 Door Locking Cupboard £199.80 F. Small bookcase • 1 adjustable shelf Y600BCCOL W900 x D320 x H600mm £147.00 h4 height 789mm h4 height 789mm D. 24 shallow tray unit Y15246 W1030 x D453 x H789mm £208.00 • Eyecatching range of storage units supplied complete with trays • Carcass colours are as pictured, but tray colours and sizes can be mixed as required For Trays... 48 Page Link - see page Full range of tray storage 50-83 Page Link - see pages Trays Included