Springfield Furniture 2018

Early Years 98 Early Years 99 A. Alphabet mini placement rugs • 26 square alphabet rugs ideal for temporary classroom floor soft seating activities like reading and group play • With FREE holdall • Each rug: W400 x D400mm YBN0102 set 26 £164.80 Activity Rugs • Heavy duty pile for comfort B. Rainbow semi-circle carpet • Extra large carpet for large groups • Size W2m x D4m • Features 24 placement spots and 1 teacher spot Y300308 £298.60 D. Emotions interactive carpet • Distinctive rectangular carpet W3m x D2m • Encourages group discussion about feelings & interaction • Children can choose an expression to sit on during reading or group lessons Y330318 £209.50 Activity Rugs • High quality and heavy duty tufted pile, soft texture rugs • Non crease with a non-slip back • Stain-resistant coating and washable • Distinctive and brightly coloured classroom relevant designs • Stitch binding on all edges to prevent fraying • Heavy duty pile for comfort A. Primary world multi-cultural rug • Brightly coloured, circular rug accurately depicting children from around the world • Designed to engage discussion into ethnicity and develop cultural and religious awareness • Ideal group learning aid to introductory multicultural studies • Size 2m x 2m, circular • Heavy duty pile Y330314 £174.80 B. World carpet • 3m x 2m brightly coloured rectangular carpet • Each continent colour coded and labelled • Ideal group learning aid to introductory Geography • Heavy duty tufted pile with anti-skid backing YMAT021 £182.90 C. Rainbow abc rectangle carpet • A bright addition to the classroom or nursery environment • Features 20 brightly coloured ovals surrounded by the alphabet in upper and lower case • Size: 3m x 2m YMAT1014 £233.60 C. A to Z carpet • Large colourful visually stimulating carpet. Designed with KS 1, Literacy relevance in mind • Perfect for children to sit and enhance learning word and letter recognition/ association • Lowercase and uppercase • SIze: W3m x D2m, rectangular • Heavy duty pile YMAT092 £215.00 D. Oval pencils alphabet carpet • This highly visual oval carpet depicts pencils and the alphabet • Excellent for group use & word recognition • Size W3m x D2m, oval • Heavy duty pile YMAT1007 £229.50 E. Fruit placement carpet • Large square 3m x 3m carpet with soft, heavy duty pile for comfort • Colourful fruit icons • To seat 30 children • Ideal for healthy eating topics Y330312 £298.60 Large range of mats available. Please ask if you cannot find the design you need. Best Seller New Product New Design for 2018 F. Weather carpet • Colourful carpet covering the weather, seasons, months and days • A functional, hard-wearing carpet ideal for group floor reading activities and floor play • Size: 2m x 2m square • Heavy duty pile YMAT030 £136.40 E. Space carpet • Colourful 2m x 2m circular carpet with space themed images & words. • Ideal for teaching, or a bright addition to the classroom Y300310 £182.90 F. Life cycle carpet • Ideal for learning about life cycles • Encourages group discussion about the natural world • Size: 2m x 2m Y330316 £174.80