Specification, Design & Planning

Whether you are designing a new classroom, washroom facilities, a library or a complete school fit out, the vital first stages of any project begin with the specification requirements, followed by careful design and planning.

Our approach is to work with you and your team to bring your ideas to life! From over 35 years experience across a very wide range of educational and workplace furniture applications, we can give you and your team real support in developing the optimum solution to achieve your project objectives.


We can draw on a wealth of ideas and options, drawing on a continuously updated product library. When it comes to developments in furniture, fittings and equipment for schools, colleges and public institutions, we have a continuous improvement policy, so we are familiar with the latest trends, legislation and approaches.

From all this, we work to identify options to meet your particular requirements in terms of design, layout, and finish, within budget or space constraints.

To prepare our proposals for your review, we use CAD facilities and, fundamentally, draw on the knowledge and hard work of our dedicated project teams.

Let us work with you to turn your ideas into truly great learning and working environments!

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