Single Seater Booth

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Single Seater Booth

  • Upholstered meeting pods, one, two, four and six seater pods & meeting cubes for use in space that would benefit from additional productive private work or meeting areas
  • Inspired by nature, the Pod is a quality item of engineered furniture, directly inspired by nature.
  • Developed to provide a space for productivity and privacy, the Pod is a bubble in both function and form
  • Whether arranged as individual units or grouped together, the Pod allows freedom and flexibility of all users and workspaces.
  • Allow yourself a space to focus
  • Available with or without doors, comes as standard with meeting table, sockets including USB charge points & lighting
  • Plyform or laminate exterior, please ask for a fabric swatch for the seating
  • Available with grass effect outer

Code: YP36000

Quantity discounts available - please request a quote
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